About GG Enterprises ; The ENEGRY CLEANIC

Vision of Conserving and Creating Clean and Green Energy to the Global Society and with a Mission of Contributing and Participating with the Society towards Carbon Neutral environment. GG has evolved from installation of LEDs for numerous industries to giving consultancy for potential customers on the green solutions.

GG has been educating energy management and supporting viable businesses across the society with the benefits of cleaner and greener energy.

The Ideal Country- The Case of Bhutan


Acting on his mandate to move Bhutan into the 21st century, Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay is transforming his nation -- while maintaining its “Gross National Happiness”.

Green and Clean Energy
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What do we do?

GG, The Energy Cleanic would be providing full scale consultancy and take up projects to ensure that viable, alternative and clean source of energy are utilized.

This can be through many avenues

1. Waste management

a. Bio Gas

b. Water management – STP and ETP

c. Solid Waste management

2. Setting up of vertical axis wind mills

3. Solar Installations

4. Radiant cooling /Heating Solutions for large scale industries